There are only TWO THINGS according to the vedanta teachings for us to embark on our SOULFUL JOURNEY. 1) Remove or Release all the EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE Unless and until we HEAL our emotional baggage no matter how many new seeds we sow they will NEVER sprout in the Garden of our Life! 2) Refine our TASTE BUDS so that we gain the "discriminative intelligence" to design the roadmap of our life by having the RIGHT TASTE in life itself! The word TASTE has huge significance in Ayurveda. When a person REFINES their tastebuds - they in fact have refined their taste for life! They will start gravitating to making RIGHT CHOICES in their life!

When you successfully accomplish these two things you will really have REINVENTED yourself and the new YOU will chart a life with the RIGHT choices, desires, thoughts, actions and this will spread through in every facet of your life.

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    Recorded Educational Video (approx 90 mins)

    • Spiritualizing Emotional Boulders